With more and more people turning to pod-style units, vapes like the Juul and STLTH are becoming more prominent with every passing day. So what is it about these small, pre-filled vapes that has such a big draw?1. More Flavors Than EverWith more third parties manufacturing pods, customer flavor selection has skyrocketed. Everything from Mango Sorbet, to Super Berry, to classic tobacco is now available in pods for vapers everywhere. This means its now easier than ever to take different flavored packs of pods on the go, instantly change flavors, and do it all without the inconvenience or mess from filling your vape with a bottle. 2. More DiscreetIf you’ve seen the 200w brick some hardcore vapers use to make mega clouds… well – this is the opposite. Sitting between 200 and 420 mAh, these pre-filled pod systems offer a smaller, hand-held vape that feels much closer to a classic cigarette. This, and the tighter draw, make it an optimal choice for people looking to quit smoking all together. 3. Easy To UseOne of the biggest advantages pod systems offer is its simplicity. They’re easy to use, maintain, change pods, and are super appealing to folks who don’t need all the technical features. Just pop it in and draw. 4. Close To The ClassicRemember the tighter draw? One of the biggest advantages offered by these is the draw itself: feeling closer to a traditional than almost any other vape on the market. 5. Nic SaltsNicotine salts offer a stronger rush, and pods are offering customers just that in a convenient way. The smoother hit combined with the extra edge from these 35-60mg pods is quickly becoming a go-to for casual and hardcore vapers alike.Are pods for you? Well, maybe. Even if you are that 200w brick vaper, these vapes make great companions to their larger vape setups (especially MTL vapers). But for most, they are a great option and super convenient. Want to start carrying STLTH and Juul compatible pods in your Canadian vape shop? Message us here to open your wholesale account today!