With more and more new Juul compatible pods coming out, it can be hard to know where the quality can be. Variations in everything from draw, to the quality of the pod, to the juice, down to the labs that they are made in can affect pretty much the entire vaping experience. Some pods can leak, flavors can change from one pod to the next, and a bunch of other oddities that can be frustrating. This is where VQ Pods shines. With over a dozen flavors out the gate (and many more in the workings) how do VQ Pods stack up against other Juul compatible pods?1. ConsistencyOne of the big draws to VQ is how stringent and precise they are with all eliquid coming out of their labs. Ingredients are measured to the drop, and their flavor formulas must be mixed to exact specifications before hitting stores. This may not seem like a big deal, but the makup of ejuice in a nicsalt pod is a delicate balance, and one that is sometimes overlooked by other brands. This can affect taste, obviously, but can also affect how smooth the draw is. VQ holds themselves to a pretty high standard, and we like that.2. VarietyEach pod is bursting with strong flavor, and each flavor more unique than the last. Whether you’re looking for original flavors like Raspberry Sweet Tea and Strawberry Milk, or more exotic like Mango and Watermelon Ice, VQ offers a great selection of ejuice flavors (heck, they’ve even got a salty popcorn flavor if you’re looking for something original). With their current line sitting at 13 unique flavors, VQ is looking to create more in the near future. Check back often to see our ever expanding catalog, including all new VQ pod flavors.3. QualityWe get it, pods aren’t always perfect sometimes. Even with VQ’s intensive quality check on all pods leaving their labs, things like changing sea elevation, temperature alterations, physical transportation, and more can all have effects on how any pod performs. Even though we haven’t had any issues with any of them, we were comforted when we found out that all VQ pod packs are guaranteed against manufacturer defects. This is a great feeling for anyone buying or selling these pods.In conclusion, we really like VQ pods as a whole. Compared to some other brands, VQ simply obliterates them – the quality is there, along with good flavor and selection. If you’re interested in carrying VQ pods in your Canadian vape shop, contact us here to sign up for a wholesale account. It’s free, and easy!