Whether you’re looking for new flavors for your Juul, or are just tired of your current pods leaking – we’ve found 3 great brands providing Juul compatible pods that are available in Canada.WHY OTHER BRANDS?Some brands have already started expanding their lines of flavors way beyond what is currently available, offering dozens of flavors with everything from blue raspberry to classic tobacco! In addition, these 1mL nic salt cartridges tend to be larger (as opposed to the standard 0.7mL), and offer higher levels of nicotine (6mg/mL, or 6%).

1. SNAP PodzCreated specifically with best selling flavors in mind, SNAP Podz is currently available in 13 different varieties and is quickly becoming a favorite in Western Canada. With flavors like Cotton Fluffy, Blue Raspberry, Guava Nectar, and Ice Mango, SNAP Podz offers exotic flavor in every puff.

2. PLUS Pods Plus Pods provides a variety of refreshing flavors, and puts a very strong emphasis on the quality design of their pods. This is done to prevent any leaks, and ensures a consistently smooth hit every time. As a premium brand, their 14 flavors are quickly becoming a favorite among vape retailers.

3. ZIIP PodsAs one of the first providers of compatible pods on the market, Ziip pods offer smooth hitting nic salt with an emphasis on flavor. Their top selling Strawberry Milk and Watermelon pods are a favorite of many clients.With more and more people turning to disposable pods, it’s no wonder where the sudden surge in demand for more flavors comes from. Simply put: more people are interested, and there is a higher demand then ever for juul compatible pods and juul compatible devices in Canada.Looking to carry these brands in your Canadian vape shop or online store? Contact us here to set up a wholesale account.Disclaimer: These Products Are Not Affiliated With Or licensed By JUUL.