Disposable pod vapes have been been quite a disruptive force in the vaporizer market over the last few years. Companies like STLTH, Juul, and others are fighting for their share of sales from hundreds of thousands of new vapers across North America. For a lot of third party companies, creating compatible products is important to integrate into the market quickly. This is also good for customers as well, as they now have access to a bunch of new flavors too.So far, one of the most fantastic Juul-compatible device we’ve seen has been the Ziip Z-Device, created by Zlab. So what makes this one so special?1. Color SelectionBeing you is important, and that includes being happy with your device. With the exception of a limited edition, Juul only comes in 1 color at this time. On the other hand, the Ziip Device comes in 6 different colors: black, red, blue, pink, purple, and metallic rainbow. Now we’re not saying you need to match with your Z-Device, but you sure could if you wanted to.2. CompatibilityWe get it: every electronic under the sun LOVES their own proprietary cable. Consumers however, do not. With the Ziip Device from Zlabs, you’re using the very same micro-USB cable that most phones have now – instead of one you need to replace completely if lost or misplaced. You can feel free to swap your phone, book, and vape with the exact same micro USB cable (man, the future is weird). In addition, the Z-Device boasts a quicker charge time as well. 3. Lower CostIf you don’t mind the brand, then you will certainly appreciate the savings. Whereas an authentic Juul Device Kit can go for $45-$50 (retail), a Ziip Device from Zlabs only costs about $30-$35 (retail). Combine this with larger capacity Zpods and you’re vaping at the same quality for even less. So does this belong in your store? If you carry Juul or compatible devices, then probably. A product that offers better value for the customer, with more options, and better compatibility is certainly something to consider carrying. Learn more about the Ziip Device from Zlabs here. Looking to get wholesale ejuice or hardware for your Canadian vape shop? Message us to set one up for free!